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"Old San Francisco" 1927
Edited version (24 minutes), This fanciful tale is dramatic and somewhat intriguing Hollywood nonsense, Dolores Costello and Anna May Wong are beautiful, however, The only subtitles available are in Spanish,

Chris Buckwell (Warner Oland), cruel and greedy czar of San Francisco's Tenderloin District*, is heartless in his persecution of the Chinese, though he himself is secretly a half-caste, part Chinese and part European. Buckwell, eager to possess the land of Don Hernández Vásquez (Josef Swickard), sends Michael Brandon (Anders Randolph), an unscrupulous attorney, to make an offer. Brandon's nephew, Terrence (Charles E. Mack), meets the grandee's beautiful daughter, Dolores (Dolores Costello), while Vásquez refuses the offer. Terry tries to save the Vásquez land grants, but when Chris causes the grandee's death, Dolores takes an oath to avenge her father. Learning that Chris is half Chinese, Dolores induces his feeble-minded dwarf brother (Angelo Rossita) to denounce him; he captures her and Terry, but they are saved from white slavery by the great earthquake of 1906 that kills the villain.

* Tenderloin District, then a rough, dangerous area for dive bars, illegal drugs,  prostitution, gambling and especially white slavery,