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“Our” Helen of Troy
Did you know 2 ‘60s Lancer moms* were Helen of Troy at the University of Southern California?  She is the most beautiful and accomplished girl on campus every year, elected by the student body. “Our” Helen here is Mrs. Patricia Powell Westlund.


Mrs. Westlund’s daughter Laura sent us this message: 

I am Debbie Westlund Bledsoe's sister, Laura Westlund Hamilton, a 1963 grad of SHHS. Deb forwarded me your emails she got yesterday about a 1960 SHHS mom who was a Helen of Troy at USC. So Deb & I wanted to share two photos of our mom with you both. 

The first is her photo as Helen of Troy in the 1942
USC El Rodeo yearbook. Her name then was Patti Powell until she married our dad in 1943 and became Patti Powell Westlund. And the second photo is how she looks now at age 97 (nearly 98)!! She lives near me at a nice assisted
living place in Northern California, CA and is happy there... and thus far staying healthy! She is looking forward to watching some USC football starting Nov. 7th!!
Laura & Deb




“Our” other Helen of Troy SHHS was Mrs. Charlotte Quinn Bomke, mother of Anne, ’63 and Julie, ’67. Here is her obituary:



Thank you, Laura and Deb!  Your mom’s award and honor are part of our great ‘60s Sunny Hills High School family history. We all wish her the very best, and a big hug to all three of you! 






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