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1960s Sunny Hills High School Community. Above, my mom at Fullerton Junior College, chatting with a friend, 1942.





Mona Ratleff, future mom of Mark, Patrick and Casey, and wife of Sam E.  One of the warmest, kindest ladies you'll ever meet.

FJC 1942.








Sam E. Collins, Student Body President, FUHS. Student Body President. FJC, 1942. United States Marine. Graduate of the University of Southern California, and President of his fraternity. Graduate of the Loyola University School of Law (Los Angeles). Fullerton attorney for five decades. Husband of Mona, father of the lads.

A man who loved life and knew how to enjoy it. A great host and a Fullerton legend. 

Mark L. Collins, first son of Sam and Mona, one of the best known and best liked students of Sunny Hills High School. Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and of Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley. Attorney in Tucson, Arizona for many decades.

My oldest friend in the world. Mark was born in January 1949. and I came along in July. We were baby and infant buddies in old Fullerton!