Robert Hoglund, ‘65
Robert Hoglund, ‘65
WELCOME, LANCERS Above, Robert Holland, ’65 and Claudia Holland visit our old friend Dave Underwood, ’67 in San Jacinto, CA.
1960s Sunny Hills High School Community.



Here's our United States Navy submariner Roy Kaye, ’63 back in Easley, South Carolina. where he says:

“2 purebreds and a common old yard dog!”

Yesterday. Ha ha! Roy has had health problems but he's hanging in there. 


Camp Pendleton, United States Marine Corps, 1940.

We have all known so many men and women who passed through those gates, including friends and fathers, uncles, family friends and others, many no longer with us.  That makes the photo awesome. 

Here's one United States Marine, a veteran of many Pacific campaigns and also a Hand to Hand Combat instructor, Coach Russell Hawk. We lost Mr. Hawk in 2014. 

With him is an old friend, Coach’s oldest son, Bob Hawk, ’66, a star athlete at Sunny Hills who went on to play varsity football at the University of Oregon. We lost Bob, too, around 1975.

1966, proud dad and son. 


And one more Marine, Sunny Hills counselor Tom Bresee in 1976. Mr. Bresee was also a veteran of Pacific campaigns, and also a Drill Instructor.

We lost Mr. Bresee in 2013.