Hall of Famer Pepper Martin, known as The Wild Horse of the Osage
Mr, Robert McNamara played for Pepper on the San Diego Padres, 1944-1945
1960s Sunny Hills High School Community



Mr. McNamara also played for Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby when he managed the Memphis Red Sox in 1940. Some call Hornsby the greatest right-handed hitter of all time, with a lifetime BA of .358.




In his first major league at bat, Mr. McNamara hit a single off Lefty Gomez, another Hall of Famer, 


A teammate on that Padres team was Ox Miller, who later played for the St. Louis Browns and the Washington Senators. 

From Gause, Texas, Ox was a right-handed pitcher who could bring it.





Another Padres teammate of Mr. McNamara was Butch Wensloff, a right handed pitcher from Sausalito, CA. Butch went on to pitch for the Yankees and the Cleavlane Indians.