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Chris Creson, '64
Chris wrote this classic SPOON feature for us in 2003


("Talkin’ about my generation...")

"It’s Howdy Doody time. It’s Howdy Doody time. Bob Smith and Howdy too. Say Howdy-do to you..." —

Howdy Doody — Time for Beanie — Sheriff John — Engineer Bill — The Mickey Mouse Club — American Bandstand — Lloyd Thaxton — Soupy Sales — "Ring, ring goes the bell. The cook in the lunchroom’s ready to sell..." — Riding the Bluebird school bus, with 30 other kids singing: "A thousand stars in the skies. Makes me realize..." — New high school. New kids. New teachers. Same old problems — I’ll take you to the hop and we’ll dance the Bop. I’ll take you to the hop and we’ll dance the Bop. I’ll take you to the hop and we’ll dance the Bop. Just as soon as your face clears up! — Freshman English teacher smells like Lucky Strikes — Junior Mints lobbed into the overhead lighting. Melting. Looks gross — Break a pencil off in the door lock. Spend the entire class sitting happily on the grass — Incoming fried pie equals Sophomore first strike capability — Food fight going on in the quad, obscured by burning trash cans — Running laps — Climbing the rope —Boxing — Wrestling — Commando Dodge Ball — Drivers Ed equals Straight "A’s" —"Jack it up. Turn it on. Shut ‘em down, GTO!" — A Junior driving to school with your girl, right up next to you— Love notes in a shared locker — Slowly walking the halls — Girl close. Your right arm draped over her shoulder. Both sets of books under your left — Big dance in the gym — Dinner at someplace unpronounceable in Newport — "A white sport coat and a pink carnation. I’m in the mood for romance..." — Sweating up the windows in Hillcrest Park — Sweating up the windows at the Lincoln Drive-In — Sweating up the windows in Disneyland’s parking lot — Senior status — Top of the heap — Budding underclass babes looking at you with new found respect and a touch of longing — "I wish they all could be California girls..." — Never dated Joan Gibbs, Crystal Bledsoe or Connie Lang.

They barely knew I existed — Can’t hear the tune "Night Train" without having a song leader