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Larry Robbins, '66
We miss Larry although his spirit remains with us always

September 26, 2006

A family rep says:

Larry Robbins would have been class of (66). He did graduate from

Orangethorpe Elementary. In his junior year, Mom and Dad took a transfer to Harrisburg, PA, which is where he graduated. He came back to Calif. when he was of age, I was already here, and met and married Linda Rhodes, class of '66. Larry was very popular, and he started the band, The Blazers.


[NOTE:  Here at the right are Larry and Linda, just recently. -- ED}

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Lawrence "Larry" Robbins

September 25, 2006
We will miss you. You were a great Fudpucker.
Pat O'Brien (Yorba Linda, CA )

September 23, 2006
My father was a great man. Besides a great husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, friend or however you knew him, he was the best father to me, and also my best friend. I learned so much about life, and how to really live it, from him as he also learned from me. We had common bonds, shared interests, etc. I could call him up with a problem or I could call him up just to shoot the breeze. Whatever it was, there he was, no questions asked. Now he is gone. And I will think about him every single day for the rest of my life. For this I am sad. But I can take comfort in the fact that I have no regrets, that I was fortunate enough to have had such an incredible journey with him in such a short time. I will always have that. I LOVE YOU DAD
jerry robbins (seattle, WA )

September 22, 2006
Lawrie, Today it has been one month.Your Mom and Dad miss you terribly.I talk to Linda each day.Sue and I, John and Davey and of cource, Jerry will never be the same without you.How can we have our Friday nights without you? Love Dave
Dave Robbins (Fullerton, CA )

September 22, 2006
Lawrie, today, the 22nd, marks one month since you left us. I think of you every day.Tears come to my eyes when I think that I will never see you on Friday nights at Mom and Dad's. Love, your brother, Dave
David Robbins (Fullerton)

September 22, 2006
You will never be forgotten Uncle Larry. The memories I have of you will last forever and be thought of often. Thank you for everything you have given your entire family!
John Robbins (Buena Park, CA )

September 19, 2006
To the Robbins family, We are sad to hear of your news and hope that you are all well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. God Bless, Paul and Cindy Mikhail (Stuart)

Cindy & Paul Mikhail (Marina del Rey, CA )

September 18, 2006



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John w Fulmer on October 22, 2013 at 10:29 AM said:

My humor,all my strength for living and most of all, standing up and applying to my life what I beleave in,started when Larry and I became
Indian blood brothers for those of you who have never shared this bond
With another being; it's the cutting of ones flesh,and the personal transfer
Of ones blood to another. I meet Larry when we were in the 5th grade.i lived the the next street over and just a few houses down. What I've said,
And what I am about to put down I John Wayne Fulmer x combat engr.
Green baret, I stand here today only because I beleave I was so blessed
To have one true friend, Larry Robbins, a mans man. Because of Larry's
Loving wife,his brother and sister who I meet in the early 60s.Larry, was
Everything that he was because God our creator blessed Larry with two,
Very loving and understanding parents. .With all these tears and the true
Loving pain I'm feeling at this moment.(Larry, the very best part of our lives
You and I spent together in our youth.We both spilled blood in viet nam for
God and country.God, the last time I saw you, I put my arms around you,
Too say good by until we rode the Harley's again. Weeks went by you
Never showed. Your wife called you died, you made out like nothing was
Wrong.. One month later I sold the Harley. It just wasn't same without you).
God, how my soul misses you.

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