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Jack Barth, ’65, 1947-2004


Jack Barth was born on  December 7, 1946 and died at age  57 in 2004. He had lived in Yorba Linda, CA. 


Vice President at Computer Village was Jack's last occupation.


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Lolly Beaman, '64 on December 26, 2013 at 11:54 PM said:

You can't mention Jack Barth without mentioning that he was married to Susan Baughn.
Jim Bucheister, '64 on August 29, 2009 at 12:44 PM said:

Barth (as I used to call hime) and I played football together on the '64 varsity Lancers team. He was the starting running back as a junior, which now that I think of it was unusual. I was the quarterback and a senior. I remember many the time of handing the ball off to Barth and he would run through the line and up the field - though more often he got leveled by a linebacker or huge defensive lineman. He also was a pass receiver on several plays as well. Barth was not a big guy but he was reliable, consistent, light hearted and tough. We used to get together after the game and go cruising around Fullerton in his '58 Ford as I recall it. We were "football buddies" as we only got together around football. Playing football and relying on each other was a bonding experience - though I would not have called it that back then.

I remember you fondly Barth and wish you God speed.

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