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Judy Miller, RN, St. Jude
Judy lived from 1943 to 2007 and worked at St. Jude for over 30 years
Miller, Judith Ann "Judy", 64, of Brea California, died July 31, 2007 at Saint Jude Hospital, Fullerton.

Born July 12, 1943 in Ohio. In 1963 at the age 20 Judy fulfilled her dream of being a Nurse, and did so for thirty - seven years until she retired.

In 1998 Judy took up her second and most favorite passion (grand-mothering) with the birth of her first of what would end up being ten grandchildren, nine boys and one girl. Judy was the grandmother of all grandmothers.

Judy loved to read and take care of all of her grandchildren. She is survived by her beloved husband, Jim Miller; sons, Mark and Paul; her two daughters, Monica and Angela, and brother Patrick Mesko.


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