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Monica Maluy, '66, a true New Yorker since 1968

Here's Monica in 2006 with her brother Mike, a classical guitarist from Southern California. He was visiting her in New York City, specifically the West Village. When Monica first moved to New York City, she became involved in acting, the world of fashion, and also worked as the assistant to several world class photographers. For a while she worked at Bergdorf Goodman, and was chosen to help Jackie Onassis when she made an appointment to shop.

Since those early days, Monica has lived in quite a few areas of Manhattan, and in the Village for about twenty years. The Donna Karan showroom is right across the street from Monica's apartment now. Her knowledge of New York is encyclopedic. She once owned and operated a restaurant there, too.

At Sunny Hills, Monica lived with her family on the lake, and she has two other brothers and one sister. She is an avid devotee of the theater, Broadway, movies, and the local cultural scene. She's also a Francophile who will probably move to Paris eventually.

She has a "son", a 3 year old French bulldog named Gable, after Clark Gable. Little Gabe, all twenty pounds or so of him, is one of the most popular creatures in the Village, and when actor Matt Damon met Gable on the street, he decided to get a French bulldog of his own. As Monica shops, walks her dog and runs errands, she's forever encountering Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster, Charlie Rose, and dozens of other celebrities who make their home near her. With many of them she has a nodding acquaintance, and that's just the way the Village is.

At Sunny Hills, Monica was an Accolade editor and also involved in drama and modern dance. Recently her Accolade friend from 1964-1966, Candy Moore, '66, went to New York with her husband on business, and was able to visit with Monica twice at local cafes. There's a photo of the two of them together in PHOTOS.