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Gary's Register Obituary
Gary Lee Fuller, '62, 1944-2007

Fuller, Gary Lee July 21, l944 - November 1, 2007. Gary will be remembered as a very generous, kind and loving person, respected by all who knew him. He was preceded in death by his parents, Johnie and Ned Fuller and brother, Stanley. He is survived by his brother, Kenneth. Gary will be missed by his many friends, Kenneth and extended family.
Published in the Orange County Register on 11/23/2007.


I wish a building at SHHS would be named for Gary, or maybe a small group of new trees. 

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Pam Richardson-Hargesheimer on November 26, 2007 at 2:38 PM said:

Ned and Johnie lived across the street from me on Oak Street and worked at our pediatrician's office, Dr Bauman.
My sympathies for their losses. Gary and Stan were both friends and I remember them well from high school.
Stan used to sit across the hallway from me when I was in Spanish and make hand signals to keep me giggling. Gary was just a super sweet guy. What a loss.

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From the Register Guest Book:

November 23, 2007
My family and I lived on Oak Ave., in Fullerton. I remember when Gary borrowed his Dad's station wagon and we went to a basket ball game at Sunny Hills High. After the game the tire got stuck in a hole or something on the road. His dad and brothers had to come and help us get the car out. Why I remember this after about 40 years I don't know. I also remember Johnie working in our doctor's office (Dr. Graber, I think was his name)
Jeanne Costley-Rathswohl (Anaheim, CA)