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Vern Fotheringham says hi
I asked Vern, '66 if he'd please send an update on what he's been up to, and the following is his response. We'll publish it here and then permanently in Class of '66


First, Vern (at right) had mentioned being in Bangladesh for a while and I asked him about that. He said:

"Yes, Bangladesh was business, but with a "give back slant." I got pulled into a six month consulting project in Bangladesh last year to help a struggling local client of Motorola that was deploying a nationwide wireless telephone system. It was quite an experience, one I will always treasure, while also being very glad it is behind me!

"I was one of the 'gear heads' back at SHHS, and remember putting on the car show in May 1966. I managed to cycle in and out of the racing car and sports car business over the years, being the first US importer of Japanese racing cars in 1979-1982, then in 1982 I founded the spec car racing concept that was called Formula Mazda, which continued with our original car design for 22 years. After 16 years of ignoring the car itch, while building a career in the broadband and wireless telecommunications industry, I was able to co-found Vemac Cars Ltd. a partnership between myself, Tokyo R&D of Japan (a leading automotive design firm), and the Light Car Company (owned by Chris Craft) in the UK. Our cars kitted as parts in Japan, shipped to the UK for assembly, and then exported from the UK under their limited volume manufacturer regulations.

see: www.vemaccars.com and www.r-d.co.jp


'My old circle of friends was around the Orangethorpe, Nicholas (south side of Orangethorpe neighborhood), then worked at Ferdie's Chevron Service on Harbor Blvd. (after swimming and water polo practice was over) until becoming a Lifeguard in Huntington Beach during freshman year at FJC.

'You may remember Bob Barreda (Ferdie's son, who lived down the block from us on Woodcrest Ave.), Larry McDuff lived on the next corner, and my lifelong friend Richard Munroe was our back fence neighbor. Buzzy (later the famous artist "Josh Young") Young (lived on Royer), and Jim Sundey (on the Orangethorpe frontage road) were my closest friends in those days.

"In another announcement note, Richard Munroe just retired from Boeing as an aerospace engineer his whole career. He will now have time to polish his car collection, including the nicest trophy winning AC Shelby Cobra anyone has ever seen!

"All the best to all, and a very happy new year for 2008.-- Vern"

December 28. 2007