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Maybe you got your picture taken with your little brother or sister
Some of you MUST be there!
All photos here are courtesy of the Fullerton Public Library, with special thanks to Mrs. Cathy Thomas, director of Albert Launer History Room and Collection.

What you'll see here are Fullerton children between 1927 and 1973. Please check carefully if YOU are in any of these photos. Let us know, OK? Spot any friends?

Click on a photo to enlarge and view it.

Little kids to look for:

Ann Bomke, ‘63
Anne Privett, ‘62
Bill Merriam, ‘67
Bucky Privett, ‘66
Charlotte Byerrum
Cheri Jewett, FUHS ‘62
Cynthia Byerrum, ‘67
Dorothy Eggerts, ‘67
Gary Klimpel, ‘64
Helen Lippi, ‘62
Holly Cresswell, ‘68
Jim Bucheister, ‘64
Julie Bomke, ‘67
Julie Twombly, ‘67
Kathy Muckenthaler, ‘64
Kathy Twombly, ‘66
Katia Hope, ‘65
Janice Moulton, ‘62
John Privett, ‘64
Leslie Commons, ‘62
Lisa Grainger, ‘66
Luanne Launer, ‘64
Marilyn Chaffee, ‘65
Mark Collins, ‘67
Mike Sellers, ‘62
Paul Saevig, ‘67
Peggy Muckenthaler
Penny Jewett, FUHS ‘62
Rich Posey, ‘67
Robert Bucheister
Rod Handsfield, ‘67
Sherry Muckenthaler, ‘63
Stan Commons, ‘67
Steve Hall, ‘64
Steve Riddle, ‘64
Sydney Verry, ‘67
Tamia Hope, ‘64
Tim Twombly, ‘64
Tommy Jewett, ‘64
Tom Stuhley, ‘65

Many more.

March 10, 2008

One '67 Lancer recommended we ask "Mike Batchman, '64" if he's in the library pictures. He lived on Jacaranda, she said. He's not in '64 Helios.