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Palm Springs old days
Many changes since the 1950s.


Clark Gable at the O’Donnnell Golf Club, right downtown, late 1920s.



Mexican-American actress Raquel Torres.


Young actress-dancer Lucille Ball. Her natural hair color was brown, not red.


 My family had a time-sharen home in Cathedral City between 1952 and 1956. The development was called Wonder Palm, and we spent weekends.  

The night sky then looked like someone had taken white ink and splattered it on black scrapbook paper. Infinite stars, trillions. Little or no pollution obscured the sky.  
There was a rural quality to Palm Springs, which was a small town then. You felt you were out in the country. There were about 5 golf courses then. Now there are over 250. The population was 7,500. Now it’s 47,000 in Palm Springs alone. Our house had open desert on two sides, stretching out thousands of yards. Now almost all homes are in developments or  tracts, often called “gated communities”. 
The town was quiet, and all the stores closed at 5 or 6 PM. Only some restaurants and bars stayed open later. 
 There were wide open areas between the little towns and neighborhoods, Now they’re all contiguous. 
Few towns besides Palm Springs were sizable or had sizable populations. Many were small outposts. Now they’ll all bustling, busy towns with commercial areas. 
In those earlier days, Palm Springs had few if any international visitors. Now it’s a small international metropolis, with international restaurants and stores.