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Poll: Obituary Comments
What is your policy on leaving SPOON obituary comments?

The purpose of this poll is to help me improve the SPOON if I can, and meet your needs in a more effective way. Please choose an answer below and enter its letter (A through J) in the poll itself,


A. I leave classmate obituary comments often and consider doing so appropriate for me. 


B. I grieve for and remember old classmates privately, not in public. When an old friend of classmate dies, I prefer to express my feelings quietly, maybe with a few old friends only, and not on a big ‘60s SHHS website. 


C. When someone dies, I prefer to leave my comments on my own SHHS class website, for my classmates only. 


D. I have positive feelings for Lancers who die, and for their families, but after all these years, I seldom even remember very many outside my own class, 


E. Since 9/11 and threats on the Internet, I prefer not to leave any messages or my name on any website. 


F. I’m not cold-hearted or callous, but I just don’t see much sense about writing on a long-ago classmate’s obituary. 


G. I get the feeling many of these obituaries and comments are melodramatic, exaggerated or even insincere. I prefer not to participate. 


H. The tone of the SPOON is often flippant or even silly, It doesn’t seem like an appropriate place to leave a serious comment or memory about an old classmate.


I. I see it as all nostalgia, and therefore unhealthy and unproductive. 


J. It’s not easy to enter a comment and it can take too much time. I prefer not to get into it. 

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23-Feb-20 What is your policy on leaving SPOON obituary comments? 14 votes