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Poll: Stock market part?
Is the stock market part of the economy?


Please choose an answer from the following: 

1. Yes, of course. Production, resources, credit, sales and other  elements are all  part of the economy. 

2. No. The stock market is a market where stocks, a type of investment that represents ownership in a company are traded.

3. The answer depends on whether we include other markets in the question, such as the commodities market, the precious metals market, the Nikkei, and others in our definition of the economy. 

4. In a market economy, yes.

5. The stock market was traditionally part of the US economy, but since the recent redistribution of wealth, that definition is no longer valid. The answer is no.

6. No. The stock market is a casino.  

7.  Because of the huge influence of the stock market, it would be more accurate to say THE ECONOMY IS PART OF THE STOCK MARKET.

8. No. Both are indirect functions of the banking system.

9. The answer would depend on the Gross National Product.  

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