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Ralph Waynard Lowe, 1951-2017


Ralph’s brother Steve, ’63 writes:


Our dear brother and wonderful life friend Ralph W. Lowe died last night in Santa Barbara,  CA from pneumonia and cancer.    


He was peaceful and with the love of his life, wife and fellow traveler Georgene. From the time they first met Ralph and Georgene have been bound in heart and mind,  exploring together,  always together.  Georgene is grieving but strong.


First went Russell and now so soon Ralph.   They grew up together as the very best of friends.  Ralph and Russell also traveled the world together,   they fished for salmon on Lummi Island,  WA and they were the very best of friends.      


You may know that Ralph was always unconventional.    He lived to have unusual experiences and he had many.  Ralph was always a romantic,  a scholar,  clever and an exceptional writer.  Ralph was simply the most unique person I have known. I loved him very much. We were buddies.       


Our lives have changed all over and once again.


June 10, 2017


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Molly (Unsworth) Gotwals on June 11, 2017 at 2:53 PM said:

I'm so sorry to hear this news and so sorry for your loss. I worked at Schutz American School with Ralph and remember him as just the person you describe. Love to Georgina and all.


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Until recently, Ralph was the headmaster of the Dunn School in Los Olivos, CA. He was a writer, a philosopher, a teacher and mentor, a world traveler, and an acute observer of the human species. 

He attended Sunny Hills High School in the Class of 1969.