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Remember Mrs. Becker?
Mrs. Becker taught French at Sunny Hills,


We have some nice comments about Mrs. Becker in her obituary page: 



It may be more significant that quite a few Lancers have discussed what an admirable and gracious person Mrs. Becker was, and how she became a lasting influence on them, someone hey have remembered since. I never knew Mrs. Becker, but she must have been an especially strong model for the teenaged girls in her classes. Everyone recalls her quiet, unassuming elegance, and her gentillesse.. 

Among our 1960s faculty, many teachers became became the most well known among us: Mr. Russell Hawk, Mr. Ray Vaughan, Mrs. Julie Ritner Simpson, Mrs. Elwell, Mr. Bayler, Mrs. Gary, Mrs. Obler, Mrs, Randolph, Mr. Sproul, Mr. Traylor and others. Some of them taught at Sunny Hills for many decades

The majority of us went through four years at Sunny Hills without becoming aware of Mrs. Becker. I for one wish I had. 

By the way, Dr. Vic Reinking, '65 became the department chairman of Romance Languages at Seattle University in Washington State. I wonder if he took Mrs. Becaker's classes at SHHS. Probably. 


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