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Remembering Berbie
Roberta (Berbie) Browne '64, 1946-2009.


More people visit Berbie Browne's obituary than any other obit in our alumni website. As far as I know, she was somewhat well known at our high school, but certainly not as  well known as a cheerleader, student body president, a football hero, or even a Pep Club officer.  

I'm pretty sure most of these visits are from other people who didn't go to our school, and that usually means they remembered her after many years, from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or elsewhere.  

That's a real testament to goodness, kindness, sweetness, and love for fellow human beings: qualities everyone agrees Berbie had in abundance. These are the qualities people treasure and remember. These are the qualities that count in life. And that's comforting to know in our present times. That never changes.

January 9, 2022


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Bill Stull, '65 on January 9, 2022 at 4:10 PM said:

I was deliciously sandwiched among the Brownes at SHHS. As a '65 grad (barely) I was a year behind Berbie, a year or so ahead of Jack, and a gaffer compared to little brother Eddie. In my visits to the ever-welcoming family home, overseen by the cultured and infinitely tolerant Mater B., I learned more about music, art, and politics than I ever learned at school. I owe thanks--and not a few apologies--to all the Brownes for so generously putting up with a fatherless kid from way across the tracks.

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[If you're wondering, no, I never knew Berbie, or Jackson, really, and only know Severin slightly through email. I have quite a few Lancer friends who knew them all. I was a freshman when Berbie was a senior.

- Paul.