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Remembering SHHS teachers
It’s a good time to remember our teachers at Sunny Hills. I’ve written 2 portraits below, & intend to write at least 6 more. You’re all invited to leave your comments, or write portraits of your own. Please leave your name and class, and no trashing


You’re ALL invited tosay a few words or a lot of words about a teacher who meant a lot to you. I only knew some. Others like Mrs. Siuzanne Gary, Mr. Bruce Sayers, General Walter Bayler, and more deserve a place here. All our teachers deserve a place here. 

We celebrate these people!

Mrs. Maxine Randolph
Mrs. Frances Obler
Mrs. Evelyn Root
Mrs. Julie Ritner Simpson
Dr. Jim Schlotthauer, Nicolas Junior High
Mr. Gordon Traylor
Mr. Ray Vaughan
Mrs. Joan Reiner-Wilson, 1930-2013
Dr. Robert Fisler
Mr, Garner Barnett

Alan Hagedorn, ’66 writes: 

You know there were so many memorable teachers at SHHS when I was there, but here are a few more;

·       Garner Barnett                Coach/Driver Ed

·       Robert Linn                      History

·       Duane Sproul                  Chemistry


I have a story about Mr. Sproul. Chemistry was extremely difficult for me, and I was struggling to pass the course. It all came down to the final exam. I took the exam and I knew that I blew it. Mr. Sproul actually graded the tests in the class before we left, and he called us up when he finished. Here is the conversation:


DS: Alan, how do you think you did on the exam?

AH: I don’t think I did very well

DS: Why are you taking Chemistry?

AH: I need it for a lab science in my junior or senior year to graduate

DS:  And if you don’t pass, what are you going to do?

AH: I guess I will take it over in summer school

DS: If you get a “D” would you still take it over in summer school?

AH: No

DS: (Grabs grade book and writes down “D” for my grade). I’m teaching summer school.

The man had an incredible dry sense of humor.