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Review: "Pieces of a Woman"
This Netflix movie is about a young couple in Boston, and the woman is pregnant. When her labor begins, their midwife is unavailable, so another midwife comes to help them. They have the baby at their apartment, Apparently the birth is difficult.

and the baby is born. The couple are jubilant, but in a minute or two, the baby dies. Then the couple have to deal what wha happened, and their changing feelings about each other.


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Has anyone seen it?



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Paul Saevig, '6 on January 16, 2021 at 8:28 AM said:

My first impulse was to think the movie sounded depressing, and who needs it? especially these days, Then I realized the story is compelling and might be interesting, Now I think I'd like to see it, When I was in college and shortly afterwards, I used to see over 150 movies a year, I learned that the desperately sad, melancholy movies like "Z". "5 Easy Pieces"."I Never Sang For My Father" and even "The Sorrow and the Pity" were often not only enjoyable but also uplifting, This was because they were well made and allowed the audience to share in the emotions of the movie cast, That had a profoundly positive effect, in being with other human beings in their most significant moments, and if only for a brief while, feeling at one with them,

So I would like to see "Pieces of A Woman". Ellen Burstyn is a masterful actress, I don't expect anyone to view the subject as I do, although you might,

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