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Jerry Cook, Sunny Hills HS '67, 1949-2002
A kind, sensitive man, and a good friend for many decades since 1958.


Jerald H. Cook was born on January 22, 1949 and died in Eatonville in Pierce County, Washington on October 5, 2002, after a lengthy illness. Jerry was a member of the Class of ’67 at Sunny Hills, and before that at Nicolas, Richman and Commonwealth Schools in Fullerton.

Jerry grew up with his parents Cliff and Mildred Cook on Olive Street, directly across from the entrance to Nicolas Junior High. Mr. Cook was a Fullerton Post Office employee, and Mrs. Cook was a cafeteria cook at an Anaheim junior high school. The Cooks were members of the Fullerton First Church of Christ on Harbor at Wilshire, where Mr. Cook was an usher.

I have hundreds of memories of when Jeff, Jerry and I were practically living on our 10-speed bikes in West Fullerton. We ranged as far as the beach in those days, and sometimes as far east as downtown Fullerton. Jerry rode a Raleigh and he was fast.

The last time I saw Jerry was in June 1972, but Jeff saw Jerry many times after that. Jerry was married once and has a daughter, Elke, now an adult. Throughout his adult life he worked on the assembly line and sometimes as a retail employee.

Their neighborhood had dozens of our friends, including Peggy and Cathy (Cat) Cogan; Nancy and Doug Rowe; Steve Pacheco; Joe Romeo; Mary Ellen and Kay Sanchez; Adria Ann McMurray; Peter and Uli Schoettle; Chip Campbell; the Tomlinsons; Greg Westphalen; Linda Chilcoat; Steve and Terry Bernhard, and many more.

Jerry was a quiet boy and a good athlete, a fast runner who enjoyed Pop Warner and flag football. He, Jeff Nix and I were best friends from 3rd to 8th grade. Jerry became an early fan of British Invasion music, particularly Mick Jagger. His other favorite singer was Jim Morrison of the Doors. Jeff still talks about a memorable Doors concert he and Jerry attended in 1967 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.


In those days, Halloween was our favorite night of the year, with firecrackers ignited, eggs thrown at door screens, and general mischief by hundreds of boys from Brookhurst to Harbor and Valencia to the Riverside Freeway. We’d raid and chase each other on bikes, and Jerry was probably the hardest of all to catch. Our main battlefield, of course, was the Nicolas campus, where we knew every square inch. Jerry could make it from Hill Street across the school to the sanctuary of his own backyard in less than a minute flat.

Our group in those early days included Brad and Chris Haymond, Bill Pittman and Vince Tulumello. Another good friend of Jerry and Jeff was Bill Graeber, who attended Richman with us and maybe Nicolas, too, before his family moved to Garden Grove. Jerry and Jeff stayed in touch with Bill.

Penny Kidwell and Cynthia Morris, both SHHS ’67 were two more of Jerry’s good friends through the years.

We all miss him, and Cookstov, we’ll never forget you, dude.

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These young Nicolas Knights are the members of the school champion Home Room 12 flag football team in school year 1962-1963. I'll need some help from my old pals in identifying them all.

Standing in back are (L to R) _________________; ___________________; Herb Lundgren, BPHS '67; _________________; _________________.

Seated are (L to R) __________________; Randy Mudrick, SHHS '67; Vern Gervais, SHHS '67; Tommy Shaw (?), FUHS '67; Bob Terrio, BPHS '67; JERRY; and _____________.

Terrio went on to become a star linebacker at the University of Nebraska NCAA Champion team, and then a career as a Fullerton policeman. Tommy Shaw was a Huntington Beach fireman for many years.