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River of Memories - Dedicated to Jeff Reinking, MD, '63.
This river is figurative in name: the segment of the Sunny Hills trail (or gulch) between Nicholas/Euclid and Richman Knoll, continuing northeast to the bridge at Valencia Mesa and north to the newer Sunny Hills neighborhood built in the mid-50s.

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Steve Lowe on July 29, 2013 at 9:23 AM said:

The dedication to my old and dear friend Jeff Reinking is most appropriate. Indeed, Steve Hall, Jeff and myself roamed the 'baranca' or the 'gulley' for the years of our youth. We made forts, had orange fights, pretended to be most everything together. We ran and walked its path up to The Model Market and Jimmy Smith's Swim Club. It was a magical small oasis in a much larger oasis. Time has made it more apparent that we grew up at 'the right time' in a very special place. Some would call it Paradise. And, Jeff knew and appreciated all that was so fortunate. I appreciate the dedication. Steve

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So many '60s Lancers and earlier Fullerton Union High School friends have spoken of this trail with fondness, passion and enduring joy. This trail was the seat of mischief for hundreds of local boys and girls, a path of adventure, and a favorite place to ride horses -- and to see those who rode.

Maybe even more, it was the Appian Way of Golden Hill, Sunny Hills, Fern Drive, Basque Tract and even distant West Fullerton young people of our generation and previously. What tales the banks and trees and earth here could tell .. 

We dedicate this page to Dr. Jeff Reinking, MD, '63, one of those who loved the trail most. While Jeff is no longer here with us on Earth, his warm presence shall live in the trail forever, as elsewhere.  

Should we not call it, dear friends, the Tributary of Enchantment?