Robbie Robertson on The Band playing with Dylan
We’re currently going through a media blitz on Dylan and his Rolling Thunder tours. Only the performance and backstage footage are new to us, but the general impression to the younger public is that these tapes and this film are new.


I’ve been blinking, figuratively speaking, and trying to figure out if there’s something we missed here, something we’re seeing 40 years later, because all of a sudden so much Dylan is being dumped on our laps. There is an implicit promise in this sudden exposure that something new will be revealed, or at least we’ll see what we never saw before. Yet that's not quite fully true, at least for us longtime fans. Lots of people associated with Dylan in one way or another are coming out of the woodwork in interviews, though.  

No, it's mostly marketing and promotion that makes all this sound new. It's good to have the concert footage, though, and the visual anecdotes that pour out of it. This is the Promised Land for the true Dylan fans.

Is Dylan endlessly fascinating? That's up to us individually. I’d say, “Sort of.” 

Anyway, Robbie Robertson has already proved himself one of the most articulate spokesmen (and participants) in these lives and times. It's good to see him.

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June 14, 2019