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Robert L. Hawk, ’66. 1948-ca 1975
A memorable sportsman and friend.


Bob was born in Oregon in 1948 to Russell J. Hawk and Donna Brewer Hawk. When Bob was 2 years old, his family moved to Rogue River area where his father took a job teaching and coaching at the high school. Later the family moved to Winston, Oregon where his father taught at that local high school. 


In 1959, the Hawk family moved to Fullerton and bought a house on Cerritos Drive. His father began a long career teaching and coaching the new high school, Sunny Hills, and Bob attended Golden Hill Elementary School for one year, and then Wilshire Junior High School. 


In September 1962, he started at Sunny Hills High School as a member of the Class of 1966. Immediately he established himself as a superior athlete. He played football for four years, three on the varsity, and twice was named All League, and once All-County. 


He also played baseball for four years, again with three years on the varsity. He also played in the marching band for four years, and belonged to the Varsity Club for three years. 


Bob was a familiar figure on campus, and as a big young man, he could sometimes seem larger than life. He had a close circle of buddies, and a wider group of friends, especially his neighbors in Golden Hill where his family was especially well known. He had a mischievous personality and loved a good practical joke. He was one of the best athletes of the 1960s at Sunny Hills. 


Bob received a football scholarship at the University of Oregon where his father Russell had played after World War Two. 


After college, Bob returned to California and died unexpectedly in the mid 70s. He left a loving family and many friends everywhere he’d been. 


He is survived by his parents; his sisters Marolyn and Pat, and his younger brother Jim. 


Bob’s friends and classmates have missed him ever since, and his presence  on the sports field and his adventures with his pals are often on their lips. 




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patricia kieley, ‘66 on May 6, 2017 at 7:54 PM said:

i also lived on cerritos although the other end of the street right by the sidewalk that went from cerritos to grandview. at that time i had the front bedroom which had 5 windows-3 faced cerritos and two faced the sidewalk going to grandview. i went to shut my blinds and there was bob with his face smashed up against my window of the last blind i was closing. it was funny later.

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