David Hartzheim, ‘67
DEADLINE: Midnight, Friday  November 8, 2019

‘60s Lancers Only, No Exceptions, Not Even If You Married Roy Orbison’s Daughter, Taught Brian Wilson How to Play The Left-Handed Sewer Flute, Sat  In On The Highway 61 Sessions, Fathered A Child of a Female Top 40 Artist, Hung With Zeppelin, Took Clapton To The Dentist, Volunteered for the Hog Farm, Ran Errands for Bill Graham At Fillmore East, Baked Toll House Cookies for Alvin Lee, Made Out With Carly Simon at Hillcrest, Had Your Own Personal Permanent Chair at the Ash Grove, Twerked With Every Female Singer Who Ever Played The Golden Bear, Knew Jackson Browne Better Than Anyone Else, Tuned Keith Richard's ‘65 Corvair,  or Persuaded Jimi Hendrix Not To Join Lawrence Welk’s Champagne Music Makers Orchestra When He Almost Did.  

Then the contest will be closed and we’ll proceed to the Final Heaviest Rock N' Acts of All Time Poll to determine THE MOST BITCHIN’ ‘60s LANCER ROCK FAN OF ALL TIME. 

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