David Hartzheim, ‘67
Sending support & respect. I wonder if any ‘60s Lancer football players, Pep Squad members, other athletes and student fans would care to send greetings, support and respect to the 8-1 Fullerton city champion 2019 Lancer football team?



Most of these young men have harder classes and study more than we did, and many will attend Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA or at least Harvard, Yale or Princeton.

I think they'd be pleased and inspired to hear from us,

We are old enough to be their great and even great great grandparents!

I've befriended some SHHS teachers who can give our messages to the team. We support all SHHS teams.

The varsity football team will go to CIF. 

Maybe the principal include our good wishes n his morning announcement to the student body.

The year’s high scoring team sometimes scores more points in a single game than a ‘60s team did all season long! 


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Paul Saevig, ‘67 on November 2, 2019 at 9:27 AM said:

I’ll write out these scores later because they are hard to read,

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