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Bill Frick, ’64, Frick Winery
These are fiction, meaning I wrote them from imagination. The characters and action are not real, and any resemblance to living people are purely coincidental, All stories are copyright Paul E. Saevig, all rights reserved, They may not be copied or

shared in any way, 

"Mrs. Millicent Mauberley"
“Group Therapy"
“Lost Orange Groves"
“Queen Palm"
“Mr. Latham"
“The Doctor Who Tickled His Wives"
“The Chilling Stare"
”Night Watch On Valencia Mesa"
“Murder on Horse Road"
"The Hottest Day at Sunny Hills High School"
“Last Night In Exposition Park"
“Margene and Her Brothers"
“Monkey Laughing"
“Audrey’s Cap"
“For Her"
“Dear Lauren"
“Happy 4th of July In Sunny Hills"
“A High Wind In Sunny Hills"
“Brush Fire"
“The Koorstad Twins"