So Many Memories of the Los Angeles Sports Arena
Gone now, and a stadium about to host sports on its site.

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John F. Kennedy nominated as the Democratic candidate in 1960

Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Fred Sharman, Hot Rod Hundley, Rudy LaRusso, Tommy Hawkins, Chick Hearn, Wilt Chamberlain, Wes Unseld, Bob Cousy. 

USC and UCLA teams, basketball

Tennis matches and World Team Tennis with Johnny Carson walking around to buy a beer during intermission.  

Boxing matches. 

Concerts, including Michael Jackson, January 1989. 

Conventions, including a chocolate convention in 1983, where they offered long rows of samples. 

My dad took me to see the Lakers versus the Warriors with Chamberlain, and Cab Calloway performed at halftime,

Went with Craig Scott and other friends, took a favorite USC girlfriend in April 1975. 

Saw all the  great USC and UCLA players of the era, and two games with over 100,000 fans. 

Rode Rooter Buses from UCLA to see games. 

Drove by one thousand times.

The Sports Arena opened on July 4, 1959, two years after the Dodgers came to Los Angeles, and Southern California became a major league sports city.  

USC hasn’t played games there since they built the on-campus Galen Center

And the Coliseum, host of two Olympic Games, probably won’t last much longer either. 

How about you, Lancers?