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Surviving ‘60s Teachers, Partial
This is a backwards way to keep up to date, but maybe it will help us make the SPOON more current, up to date and complete. October 18, 2019,


As publisher and editor, I was embarrassed earlier today when Don Martin, ’64 had to remind me that Coach Bob Barr had passed away years ago, I had already published his obituary, but had forgotten it.

Anyway, most of the obituaries and other ‘60s Lancer information I publish is from what I find myself on the Net, using only public applications and pages anyone can use and see. That's why I often publish information late.

Again, please help me, and all of us, by sending me worthwhile Lancer information you see or hear about, including obituaries, photos, updates news and other items. Thank you. 

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Paul Saevig, ‘67 on October 19, 2019 at 1:53 PM said:

As far as I know:

Mr, Eugene Martin, coach
Mrs. Frances Olber, Engish
Mrs, Margo Stuart, German teacher
Mrs, Smith, English teacher
Mr. Gordon McCall, coach and teacher
Mr, Gordon Traylor, math teacher
Mrs. Klinghoffer, English
Mrs, Julie Ritner Simpson, English teacher
Mr. Cecil Crow, coach and teacher
Miss Annie Lu McFarlin, counselor
Mr, John B, Ferzacca, drams and Creative writing
Mrs. Patricia Roberts House, speech teacher

Mr, Peter Carhart, coach and teacher -- I don;t know

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