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Mrs. Chadwick’s 4th Graders in 1954, Golden Hill
Jamie Hall, '67
Gerald Harris. 1942-2020
Mrs. Norma Gibby, 1923-2023
Timothy Givens, 1941-1998
Nancy Nussle, 1952-2016
Craig O'Rourke, '67 & Family
Dr. Andreas Rechnitzer.
Martin Rechnitzer '69
Mrs. Catherine Shattuck, 1928-2023
Tom and Cindy Stuhley
Coach Jim Sprague
Charlotte Welty
College and University Teachers
History - Ranch and SH
Good To Know
Our Veterans
IN THE OLD DAYS: Sights Nobody Understood
Books: Music & Humans
12 Jobs For Retired Lancers
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Cheyl's interview
ATTN: Blitch, Ploung
Classmate Updates
Any '60s Lancer great grandparents?
For history-lovers
Colonel Kime in 1945
Teachers - Reflections
Robert (Bobby Stiles), In Loving Memory
Ron Danly. '67
David Sunvold, 1952-2014
Jason Boucher comment
Mike Gould, '68
Peggy Cogan, '66
Shirley Hesch, '67, 1949-2023
Did you sit on the feed bags at Model Market?
Mr. Gerald Sietsema. 1942-2022
Bonnie Clifford, '68
Mr. Robert Skinner, 1922-2015
Nicolas Teachers, 56-57
Mrs. Viola Acton, 1922-2014
Dave Modesitt, Susie Falk, '62, RIP
Ford School, January 1952 (Future Class of '62)
Interviews, no captions
Chris Chase, '68
The Breezeway of 10.000 Memories
Praise for Jackson Browne
Barry Paulk, '64
Chet Nelson, '67, 1948-2023
Beverly Myers, '66, 1948-2023
Michael Ballantyne, '69, 1951-2023
What Fullerton misses
Books: Sentience
Time to Surf With Marchia Nichols. '64
Consider a donation?
Sherry Ethel Johnston, '64 with her husband
Gini Luther Mays, '68 and companion
Steve Noonan's Early Days
Book Reviews
Greg Wexler ,'68, 2019
Interview: Tom Relth, '66
Cheryl Aase, ’62. 1944-2023
Dates of Lancer Deaths
Batch of Interviews
Bob Polkinghorn, '66
Jeffrey Richkind.;'67. 1949-1992
One of Berbie's friends?
By sophomore year at SHHS
Frank Pizzuto, '67
Bruce Patton, '65
Here's the deal
"Sylvia and Eleanor"
Dr. David V. Homme, MD, 1929-2023
In The Year 1957
Allen Harrison, '65, artist
Memorable Photo
Gary Carter
Mr. Haskell Ford, 1920-2019
Paul Shepard, '66
High School
Gordon Sproul, '62
Mrs. Lois Lindsay, 1925-2023
Your SPOON Today
Chip Esterly, Leslie Hoag
Hurt Songs
Sunny Hills Apocrypha
Fiction: "Visiting Dad"
Interview with Charlie Hale, '66 2010
The Four Muses folk music place
Mrs, Joyce Sullivan, 1927-2022
The Video We Should All See
Please be patient
Our friend, Bob Fisler
Songwriting and Stories with David Crosby
Mr. Sengstock's 6th Grade Class at Golden Hill
2023 Flood Music
Captain Edmund Braune, 1928-2013
Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan
Jimmy Smith & 1960 team
Rob Allingham '66 & cat
Gary Fuller, '62
Lolly Beaman, '64
Severin Browne sings
Chris Saltzman, '67, wins golf AZ tournament
Interviews, no captions
Steve Sotnick, '67 2
Jay Campbell, '62
My #1 Favorite Video
The New Dentistry
Poem: On The Feed Bags
Dennis Challman? Please email me
STEVE LOWE, please email me
Gordon Sproul, '62