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Sea mountain off San Francisco coast
3 Fullerton schools
Mike Gould, '68
Peggy Cogan, '66
Poll: Admire most?
Shirley Hesch, '67, 1949-2023
Mr. Gerald Sietsema. 1942-2022
Strange, isn't it?
They'd do this!
Any '60s Lancer great grandparents?
Eat For Health
Varsity baseball field
Bonnie Clifford, '68
Mr. Robert Skinner, 1922-2015
Nicolas Teachers, 56-57
Mrs. Viola Acton, 1922-2014
Dave Modesitt, Susie Falk, '62, RIP
Ford School, January 1952 (Future Class of '62)
Bob Dylan and his van
Mike Nesmith, 1942-2023
Interviews, no captions
Chris Chase, '68
The Breezeway of 10.000 Memories
Whose cars?
Praise for Jackson Browne
Barry Paulk, '64
Chet Nelson, '67, 1948-2023
Beverly Myers, '66, 1948-2023
Did you sit on the feed bags at Model Market?
Mrs. Betty Kohlenberger Lyon, 1923-2023
Michael Ballantyne, '69, 1951-2023
What Fullerton misses
Books: Sentience
Time to Surf With Marchia Nichols. '64
Consider a donation?
Sherry Ethel Johnston, '64 with her husband
Gini Luther Mays, '68 and companion
Steve Noonan's Early Days
Book Reviews
Best Dressed Lancer of 1960s?
Greg Wexler ,'68, 2019
Interview: Tom Relth, '66
Cheryl Aase, ’62. 1944-2023
Dates of Lancer Deaths
Batch of Interviews
Bob Polkinghorn, '66
Jeffrey Richkind.;'67. 1949-1992
By sophomore year at SHHS
Frank Pizzuto, '67
Bruce Patton, '65
Here's the deal
"Sylvia and Eleanor"
Dr. David V. Homme, MD, 1929-2023
In The Year 1957
Allen Harrison, '65, artist
Memorable Photo
Gary Carter
Mr. Haskell Ford, 1920-2019
High School
Good To Know
Mrs. Lois Lindsay, 1925-2023
Your SPOON Today
Chip Esterly, Leslie Hoag
Hurt Songs
Sunny Hills Apocrypha
Fiction: "Visiting Dad"
Interview with Charlie Hale, '66 2010
Mrs. Chadwick’s 4th Graders in 1954, Golden Hill
Mrs, Joyce Sullivan, 1927-2022
The Video We Should All See
Paul Shepard, '66
Please be patient
Our friend, Bob Fisler
Interview: Chris Hillman
Songwriting and Stories with David Crosby
Mr. Sengstock's 6th Grade Class at Golden Hill
2023 Flood Music
Captain Edmund Braune, 1928-2013
Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan
Jimmy Smith & 1960 team
Rob Allingham '66 & cat
Gary Fuller, '62
Lolly Beaman, '64
Chris Saltzman, '67, wins golf AZ tournament
One of Berbie's friends?
Severin Browne sings
Interview: Chris Hillman
Interviews, no captions
Steve Sotnick, '67 2
Jay Campbell, '62
My #1 Favorite Video
The New Dentistry