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Tim Van Winkle, '67, 1949-2021
Terry as a yell leader
Yes, Terry Hackett '66 was a USC Trojan yell leader in the late '60s.
I've known Terry a little bit since 1961 at Nicolas Junior High, and many of us Lancers from West Fullerton have known him even longer. I've always admired Terry's genius for service and participation: he has always seemed to fit a week of activities into each one of his days. From the beginning, he's been a leader, not only in athletics but socially and in organizational ways as well. I've never known anyone with more friends than Terry, and perhaps some day that will become his most lasting legacy. There are more stories about Terry helping people than can be counted.

At USC, Terry was a pre-law student with a full academic class load and also president of his fraternity. I can't tell you how many people I've met over the years (including women I dated!) who've said "Sure I knew Terry Hackett at SC!" (I suspect Terry must have a separate office to store all his Rolodexes!) (Only his administrative assistant, Patti Powers '65 knows for sure .. )

Here's Terry on the left in 1969. Below, Terry is second from the right, and at bottom, the full picture with Terry at the left.