The ’67 Parade in 1964
Couldn’t include everybody in 1 collage. These are some of the ‘’67 Lancers we haven’t mentioned in the SPOON as often as we should. Seemed like a different world then, didn’t it? June 2017.



Luke AchayBill BeaudineBeverly BraunerLinda ChilcoatPatrick PawlickiLinda O’TooleTerry FieldsJohn GasparroTim GibbyMartha GoldsteinJohn Erickson, Vern GervaisKathy StoddardThomas GoodhopeDouglas ChadwickGlen DaltonRobert MoralesDonald MooreBarb McmahonChris SaltzmanMarianne LutherHarry SchectorBurleigh SkidmoreDoug RoweJohn SchulzeSteve ShermanSusan RyelFrank ShaferGene Smith, Barb SmithWayne SeefeldtBrian WatanabeRandy Young.