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The Copper Kettle, Spadra, just below Commonwealth, east side of Spadra (Commonwealth)
Charle Hale told me about this restaurant. I don’t think I ever went, but if I did I was too young to remember.


Apparently the Copper Kettle closed around the end of the 1940s, and became something else. Was it the Melody Inn that it became?  

At one time it was a popular Fullerton family restaurant. Who remembers? Those were the days when hundreds or even a thousand people worked 8 to 5 in Downtown Fullerton, in the shops, the offices, the restaurants, the cafes, the repair shops and more, including the library, the train station, the typewriter repair shop, Boege’s Sporting Goods, the bus station and the churches. Seeing as how they all knew each other, at least by sight, they often went to the same places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

You could have a full meal for less than  dollar then at places like the Copper Kettle Pork Chops and green beans, 75 cents, peach pie, 25 cents, coffee a nickel. OK, over a dollar. It would all be fresh, too, and they’d actually cook it in the kitchen instead of heating it.  The waitress would be your cousin Ann, or the lady from down the street, or from church, or your classmate at Fullerton Union High School, and you’d hear the latest news, too. (Shall we say gossip?)  

Think of Harris Drugs, Gifford’s Stationary, the First Security Bank, Mr, Klimpel’s auto dealership, Mr. Fender’s electrical and radio repair shop, Grimm’s watches and jewelry, the Pillowry, the Chapman Building, and dozens more. Quite a few people would walk or drive home for lunch, but not all. They could go to Easton’s Brown Mug, or later on the Colonial Kitchen, or the malt shop at Lemon & Chapman, across from FUHS, or a few other places.  

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