As you read the Top Ten, remember someone associated with each smell! You can if you try!


  1. Sitting behind a girl with a lot of hair spray on her hair, especially if it’s a Vicki Beckham High Stack. (Bless her soul ..) A connoisseur could probably identify several hair spray manufacturers. 

2. Being within 15 feet of any guy who hasn't taken his gym shorts and shirt home for washing in months. (And honey, that was a lot of guys.) (This is why coaches got cranky.)


3. Cypress bushes around the edges of the campus. Loved 'em or hated ‘em. They made some classmates sick. Nauseated. 


4, The smell of stables in the breeze. I liked it as long as I didn't have to muck stalls or stables.


5. The fresh binding and glue of a new textbook, AND the fresh new pages waiting to be read.  A great scent, top and middle note. There should have been a cologne: Egghead's Book by Mennan. 


6. Old Spice, At any moment on campus, at least 15 male teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators and custodians wore it, and at least 100 male students. (Splash it on, rub it in, slather on some more/Papa gonna shut you down!) SOME STILL DO!   


7. The Ag Farm, Close to #4 but with overlays of cattle, pigs, chickens -- you get the idea. Did the tractors run on diesel fuel, too?


8. Automobile and truck exhaust. Present mostly before 8 in the morning and after 3 in the afternoon. 


9. New or at least freshly cleaned and aired good woolen clothing. Suppose you walked past an A- List ’66 girl .. Straight Outa Back Street or Bullocks, There you go!


10, THE SWEEPSTAKES WINNER; GRAND JUBILEE SMELL OF 1960S SUNNY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL: The Hunt Food Tomato Sauce of Paste on a hot, muggy day.




  1. The acrid smell of a trash can fire that’s been put out by disgruntled custodians. Lingers an hour or more.
  2. Water-soaked, soggy, saturated brown bathroom paper hand towels in the boy’s restrooms, especially when they’re used to clog a sink, (Oh, you just don;t know!) 


3. The smell of a boy’s wet head of hair after he hurriedly puts his head in a bathroom sink, turns on the water and then stands up for a wet comb-out. (May finger-comb it.)  A trait of certain vain boys. A.K.A. The Wet Sheepdog Effect.

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Carla Harrison on October 20, 2019 at 4:00 PM said:

All very familiar and spot on??????

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