Where do you live, folks?
I don’t think we’ve ever asked before,or not in this way. This is a casual question,and I’ve included all the areas where Lancers seem to live now in 2017.


It’s just a thought. The greatest concentrations of Lancers seem to be: 

1. Orange County (#1 and #2 account for probably 65 or 70% of all Lancers we know of, i.e. who read the SPOON or have Facebook accounts.)

2. Orange County beach cities from Newport to San Clemente

3. San Diego County, including North County and nearer the city, and inland San Diego County, too. 

4. The San Francisco Bay Area

5. The Wine Country of Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino

6. Arizona, specifically Phoenix and Tucson, and the larger cities. 

7. Washington and Oregon

8. Texas

9. Oklahoma

10. Arkansas

11. The Midwest

12. The entire Big Sky Region, including Idaho

13. Hawaii

14. Florida

15. Atlantic Seaboard

16, Mexico

16. Washington D.C. Metro, Maryland, Virginia

17. New York City

18. Continental Europe

19. Asia

Or so it seems.

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In case we missed you.